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Welcome to Reincarnated Therapy Services. 

Thank you for landing on our page to learn more about our company. While reincarnation is a term that can be found in Buddhist and Hinduism, Reincarnated Therapy Services means growth and the beginning of something new in our practice. 

While our practice believes that an individual's personal relationship with spirituality can be beneficial, we do not take a specific stance with religion.

Our offices are based in Radnor, we invite and enjoy seeing our clients in person. We also accommodate and enjoy meeting with our clients through telehealth.

Dr. Harold is a well-trained psychologist in various evidence-based therapeutic techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Active engagement in the evidenced based therapies can assist clients with addressing many issues within 12-16 sessions. Clients that are experiencing complexed issues would likely thrive from a longer-term treatment which we also offer at Reincarnated Therapy Services.

The services that we provide are met to serve you and enhance your time and outcomes with therapy. 

We guide our patients through periods of stress, depression, and low self-esteem, helping them to emerge healthier, happier, and with a greater understanding of their mental health. 

The core principals at Reincarnated Therapy Services are: Efficiency, Compassion, and Growth.

With today's market, people seeking therapy can call 10-20 people when needing services and not get one on the phone. At Reincarnated Therapy Services, we strive to answer communication from our clients and potential clients as fast as possible. This is one of the many ways we commit to our value of efficiency.

We admire and are in enthralled by the strength of the clients who walk through our physical and virtual doors seeking services. Our commitment to compassion means meeting our client where they're at and providing effective services.

Growth, the most rewarding part of treatment is seeing clients find the strength and support they need to address the concerns that brought them into treatment. Collaboratively at Reincarnated Therapy Services, we assist clients along their journey towards growth.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients find their inner stretch to they can ultimately find their path, passion, and peace.

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