About Reincarnated Therapy Services

Multicultural Counseling & Psychologist in Radnor

Welcome to Reincarnated Therapy Services. 

Thank you for landing on our page to learn more about our company. While reincarnation is a term that can be found in Buddhist and Hinduism, Reincarnated Therapy Services means growth and the beginning of something new in our practice. 

While our practice believes that an ...

Professional Therapy Sessions

I offer an initial consultation to determine what the focus of therapy will be as well as professional therapy sessions. During your consultation, I will work with you to analyze your behavior and help you link it to your thoughts and feelings. Then, together, we can turn this discussion into a collaborative plan ...

Restore Your Mental Health

I am renowned for my impartial and consultative approach – because I'm always looking to innovate ways to deliver the best possible service to patients. My priority is getting your mental health back on track. To that end, I have a few specialist and generalist training certifications that I'd be more than happy ...

Origins of Reincarnated Therapy Services

Dr. Jonathan Harold served seven years in the Navy. For four of those seven years, he lived in Japan. Living in Japan was a place that was busy, but it was also a culture were others were highly considerate of the people around them.
Besides the amazing food, Japan is a place that is rich with history and ...


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