Problems Men Face

According to a recent article in Psychology Today, men are having increasing experiences of loneliness. Men are experiencing death of despair at a rate of 4 to 1 compared to women. Death of despair consist of overdoses and/or self deletion (suicide). 

Men and adolescents in today's society report ongoing feelings of confusion in today's society. The confusion is in reference to their role as boys and men, there is often limited space for men and young boys to share emotions amongst themselves and even caregivers and friends can minimize the concerns that young men face. At times when men are perceived to express too much emotions, this can lead to feeling ostracized not only from peers, but even amongst mates.

At Reincarnated Therapy Services, this is a safe space to explore past and current traumas, divorces, new relationships, break-ups, career discussions, and more. Dr. Harold has had the rewarding experience of watching previous clients flourish and find new opportunities and relationships after committing to the therapy process. If you're ready to work through your concerns, at Reincarnated Therapy Services, we are ready for you. 

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