Dr. Jonathan Harold

Psychologist | Owner

As a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania I have had extensive experiences working with a wide range of populations to include addictions, anxiety, depression, bipolar depressive disorder, stress, trauma and working with individuals dealing with challenging transitions. I am trained as a CBT, DBT, and ACT therapist. 

Despite these experiences, I have learned after ten years that the most vital aspect to success in treatment is the therapeutic alliance. The therapeutic alliance relates to the comfort that is shared within a therapy room between the therapist and client. 

As people we often have hurts, pains, and things that we are ashamed to discuss. My promise to you is that I can handle your secrets and we can use the time in session to establish goals and address the things that are most important to you.

Therapy can truly be a life changing experience, I have witnessed clients in the past rediscover their path, passion, and peace. This often happens within a relatively short period of time.

Dr. Harold has extensive experiences which includes serving in the United States Navy and living in Japan for over four years. There I learned that while many share this land of America. Our experiences in different parts of America opens the door to many challenges.

Dr. Harold is a veteran of the US Navy. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. The last questions I leave for you is, what's keeping you from your peace? What if there was a place that you can safely address the things that are holding you back from your goals. Currently taking new referrals.

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